Main waiting room open – limited seating

Since winter is upon us, we have opened our main indoor waiting area and adjacent restrooms for a limited number of occupants. We do not have toys for children or magazines to read, but if you bring your child in for therapy and would prefer to wait indoors you are welcome, providing a mask is worn at all times and everyone follows social distancing practices. Our waiting area is a “no cell phone” zone as are all therapy spaces. To answer or make a call, please step outside.

Should you prefer to wait in your car, at the library or a local restaurant, please meet your child’s therapist at the main lobby doors at the end of their therapy session to collect your kiddo. If you must leave your child with us, we require you return 15 minutes before the therapy appointment ends. We do not have child care available.

If you’d like to sit in on your child’s session(s), a mask must be worn at all times in the clinic. Thank you so much for helping us maintain a clean environment that is safe for all the children who attend as well as our staff.