About Tatum


Tatum (Tater)

Office Angel

  • Sign: Aquarius
  • Dog: Self

Tater was our cheerful bringer of joy who now runs freely with the angels.   She was loved by (most) all. Tater obtained her training from the school of hard knocks. A stray who was found floating in the Boise River, Tater found her way to Laurie and ultimately to The Lotus Tree.  Tate loved hanging with the big dogs, going to rugby practice, staring, and making funny noises while dancing on her hind legs. Who would have guessed that matted, sickly little mutt who was afraid of her own shadow would turn out to be such a gift? It just goes to show what a little love (and a bath and hair cut) can do for the weary.  We miss our Tatum girl, but her memory lives on.