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Two Continued Education Opportunities Coming to The Lotus Tree!!!

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1) BodyTalk Fundamentals Training May 13-17, 9-6pm

2) Mealtime Connections May 30-31, 9-6pm

Where the senses come into play.

High fives come easy at the Lotus Tree. This is a place where kids—plus human potential—are celebrated and championed. Here, play is therapy. With a tree, a cave, a zipline, learning centers, offerings for every age, and so much more, we open up kids and adults in a creatively imagined space designed to elevate the senses, so we can all grow into something great.

Kids, infants, families, and adults come to the Lotus Tree to better connect the mind/body using sensory integration, occupational, speech and physical therapies, and other full-fledged services.

Hold on to the feeling of possibility, and celebrate accomplishments. That’s the philosophy of the Lotus Tree. Come here to get rooted, and see your kid—even yourself—take off.

The Lotus Tree is a place where kids can know how cool they are, how special they are, no matter what their challenges. It’s where parents can come to celebrate their children and family. We explore, ‘What’s your gift to the world?’ Then we give you the opportunity to see it and be it.

– Laurie AppelFounderhttp://
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