High fives come easily at the Lotus Tree. This is a place where kids—and human potential—are celebrated and championed.  Here, play is therapy. With a tree, a cave, a zip line, a music studio, learning centers, offerings for every age and so much more, we open kids and adults up in a creatively imagined space designed to elevate the senses, so we can all grow into something great.

Kids, infants, families, and adults come to the Lotus Tree to better connect the mind/body using sensory integration, occupational, speech, music and physical therapies, as well as other complementary and therapeutic services.  Several of our therapists bring their dogs to work, and we think of them as part of our team, working together with our staff to provide comfort and encouragement when extra support might be needed.

Hold on to the feeling of possibility, and celebrate accomplishments!  That’s the philosophy of the Lotus Tree.  Come here to get rooted, and see your kid—even yourself—take off.


We can do this – Together!

June 2020

We have started reopening the Lotus Tree very slowly.  This “soft opening” is expected to last through July. During this time period, and in addition to telehealth, we are providing in-clinic services to the kids who are in the most need, keeping our numbers down and making our ability to keep the clinic clean and safe more attainable. 

During our re-opening process, changes in schedules and therapists are expected, as we consolidate the number of people in the clinic at any given time. Any changes to current clients’ schedules and therapists should be temporary. Once the clinic has fully reopened, which we anticipate will be on August 3, 2020, we expect to resume our previous schedule. You will not lose your “spot” if you do not participate at this time.

Our office staff have not yet returned to the clinic, but continue to monitor phone messages and emails. 

The following are requirements, not suggestions, for returning to The Lotus Tree:

  • Check child’s temperature before coming to The Lotus Tree (must be under 100.4)
  • Child must arrive wearing or with a cloth mask (see this article from KidsHealth for a few tips)


Arrival and Departure:

  • Therapist will meet you in the parking lot at the start of your child’s session
  • Therapist will return child to you in the parking lot 15 minutes before their session time has ended
  • Therapist will be using the 15 minutes for cleaning/disinfecting in-between each client
  • Parents MUST be in the parking lot when the therapist brings the child out
  • If one adult wishes to be present during the session, they are required to wear a mask

During Appointments:

  • Therapist will be encouraging physical distancing. Please help your child understand that hugging and holding hands will be discouraged by therapists 
  • Therapist will implement measures to help keep therapy materials sanitary
  • Therapist will ask clients to place materials they don’t plan to reuse into baskets that will be sanitized at the end of the session
  • Where sharing of materials is necessary, therapist will have children wash hands between the use of shared materials
  • Therapist will be wearing masks during all sessions (in preparation for this, please talk to your child and practice by wearing a mask at home for short periods of time

Client Questions:

Since my child’s last time at therapy, they/our family have:

  1. Had contact with a person confirmed to have COVID-19?
  2. Traveled, or been in contact with a person who travelled, to a CDC area of widespread ongoing transmission with travel restrictions?

If the answer is Yes to either of the above questions, stay home and contact The Lotus Tree.

If No, your child is okay to come to The Lotus Tree.

Does your child have any of the following symptoms: 

  • Fever of 100.4 or above
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • New shortness of breath
  • Loss of smell/taste

If Yes to any of the above symptoms, stay home and contact The Lotus Tree.

If No, they are okay to come to The Lotus Tree.

Our staff will be reaching out to families to check in and see how your children are doing.  If you have not heard from someone and your child is in need of an in-clinic OT session, OR if they are not currently doing tele-therapy and you wish to get started, please either reach out to your child’s therapist directly or reply to this message and let us know. 
Be well,
The Lotus Tree Staff