In a space designed to engage and explore, the Lotus Tree brings kids to their senses. Sliding, climbing, laughing, reacting to the environment—this looks like play, but it’s really therapy. When kids feel disconnected in some way to their body or surroundings, the tension and stress inside comes to the surface and interrupts the developmental flow of social, movement, and communication skills. At The Lotus Tree we help kids relax in their own skin, so they can better respond to the world around them.

The Lotus Tree is where cool kids come out to play—and they love it here. We start where each child is now, and celebrate every stride forward. Because life is like climbing a tree: You get a better grasp on the world and see a new point of view with every move up. (Plus we have a life-sized tree to climb here, too.)

Therapeutic Services

Sensory_integration_kid_therapy_Boise_Idaho_Lotus_Tree1 Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy at The Lotus Tree is a child-directed, fun, activity-based and spacious approach to treatment. We believe that when individuals are given the time and space to process new information they will feel safe, supported and celebrated, allowing their desire to learn, play and connect to shine.
kid_cranialsacral_therapy_Boise_Idaho_Lotus_Tree-Recovered Physical Therapy
At The Lotus Tree Physical Therapy is a celebratory motoric achievement. Whether it’s an infant coordinating their suck/swallow/breathe to successfully breastfeed, a baby discovering tummy time is safe and fun, a child finding their independence in mobility, or an adult getting relief from physical or emotional pain, we are honored to be a part of life’s journey with our clients.
Speech_and_Language_Boise_Idaho_Lotus_Tree_2 Speech Therapy
From articulation to assistive devices to social-emotional development, Speech Therapy at The Lotus Tree understands that the end goal of language is connection to others. We work with children and families to promote treatment for speech and language development while bridging the obstacles faced with communication challenges. Our passion is to support individuals in finding their unique voices so they can better share their gifts with the world.
Music_therapy_Boise_Idaho_Lotus_Tree_2 Music Therapy
Music therapy at The Lotus Tree looks like play because it is interactive. Children participating in music therapy won’t feel like they’re working on goals. Our interventions can include actively playing instruments, music and movement, music sequencing games, songwriting and listening. Music groups combine interactive music with social skills. Listening, responding, waiting and taking turns are examples of music’s fundamental elements that make it very social. We work to integrate these musical social interactions to interactions with peers.
Lymph_Drainage_Boise_Idaho_Lotus_Tree1 Manual Therapy
At The Lotus Tree our Occupational and Physical Therapists are trained in and utilize a variety of manual therapy techniques to support alignment and function of the Central Nervous System. We work with the soft tissue in adults, infants and children to release any restrictions inhibiting function. Our fundamental belief is that our bodies have the answers and as therapists we simply listen to and follow your innate ability to heal. Our goal is to support you with compassion, openness and love as you navigate your life’s purpose.

Our Techniques